Outreach Newsletter

Stakeholder Forum will be producing two issues of its Outreach newsletter at AMR 2008.

These editions of Outreach are a joint initiative of Stakeholder Forum and ANPED (The Northern Alliance for Sustainability).

The aim of Outreach is to create a space for civil society, governments and other stakeholders to promote their views and share information about their projects that are relevant to the issues under discussion or negotiation. Outreach serves as an excellent resource for governments to be kept abreast of stakeholder viewpoints, and to take them into consideration during the negotiations. It also offers a platform for knowledge exchange, information dissemination and networking.

Outreach List-Serve

Outreach will be uploaded to the website in PDF format during the AMR, and will be distributed to the Stakeholder Forum list-serve.

To join the list-serve to receive copies of Outreach during AMR and at other intergovernmental meetings including the Commission on Sustainable Development, please sign up here.

Download Outreach at AMR

You can download both issues of Outreach that have been produced for the AMR below:

Outreach 2nd July 2008

Outreach 3rd July 2008