Stakeholder Consultation and Questionnaire

As this round of stakeholder engagement is occurring at a late stage of the preparatory process, Stakeholder Forum has attempted to streamline consultations as much as possible, and is seeking inputs from stakeholders and Major Groups specifically on the first three targets outlined in the 7th Millennium Development Goal to ‘Ensure environmental sustainability’.  Stakeholder Forum has drafted a questionnaire which can be downloaded below. The questionnaire includes background information on the AMR, the aims and objectives of our stakeholder consultation, as well as clear guidelines on how to contribute to the process as a stakeholder or Major Group.


Stakeholder Questionnaire, AMR 2008 (PDF)

We are asking stakeholders to fill in as much of the questionnaire as they can. If you feel that your expertise is lacking in a particular area, please let us know if there is someone from your Major Group who would be better placed to comment. Please return all completed questionnaires to Hannah Stoddart.

Question and Answer

What are the Major Groups?

Major Groups are stakeholder definitions for sustainable development as outlined in Agenda 21, the outcome document of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.

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